The Ambazonia Treasury

Channeling direct humanitarian support to Southern Cameroons...


Ambazonia is a land rich with natural minerals, enough to effect change to the suffering masses


Massive shortage of medications, many hospital burnt yet increase of injured people


AmbaCoin is a decentralized public blockchain cryptocurrency for  Ambazonia.

Financial Services

The AmbaCoin sustains many humanitarian projects to save lives and rebuild burnt villages


The ecosystem, vegetation and fertile soil sustains excess agricultural output year round


The treasury funds Ambazonian intellectuals and engineers worldwide who are working hard to end the war.

The AmbaCoin Cryptocurrency

Unlike other ICOs that focuses on Products, The AmbaCoin is a National currency backed by The Treasury with a buy back Policy Post-Independent Ambazonia.

AmbaCoin What empowers you...

The new Nation Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) is among the richest Countries in Africa, Strategically located at the Gulf of Guinea, Ambazonia has stockpile natural reserve of Gold, Diamonds, Crud Oil, Fertile Agricultural Land and above all a thriving population of highly intelligent human workforce with sophisticated skills acquired abroad

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Ambazonia Map

Natural Resources

Nationalism | A Sovereign State

The never gain generation

Lets Reach for the Sky Ambazonians

We Now know the language of Cryptocurrencies| Smart People, A free Society, A Free People | AmbaCoin
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The AMBA ICO is a Government Bond Smart Contract cryptocurrency on the Blockchain backed by the Rich Natural Resources in The Southern Cameroons territory. Post Independence, the Government of Ambazonia will Buy-Back all AmbaCoins in circulation for redistribution as the country’s Legal Tender (medium of payment recognized by a legal system) along side the Ambazonia fiat currency. Before then, the AmbaCoin will be traded on public decentralized exchanges at profitable prices. Your investment is secured, the AMBA has 2 million Southern Cameroonians in diaspora actively engaging the crypto asset which triggers high demand and causes the price per AmbaCoin to increase, guaranteeing massive returns on your investments either by trading or resell to the Ambazonia Treasury

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Why The AmbaCoin

  • Decentralized Funding
  • Transparent Contributions
  • Spending Supervision
  • Inclusive Support to all Groups
  • Proof of Patriotism
  • A Lender not a Leader
  • Tracking of all Transactions
  • Can be traded on Exchanges
  • High Return on Investments
  • Future Currency of Ambazonia

Points to Ponder

Emergence of New Ideas

The Ambazonian ICO was created by the Treasury to raise funds and support massive humanitarian campaigns to 3.6 million displaced people and infrastructure reconstruction in  Southern Cameroons.  All fund will go to assist  those living in forests, and across the boarder in Nigeria as refugees who are in dying need of urgent help to survive.

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Adopting to Change

The AmbaCoin and the Treasury are independent decentralize organs representing the Ambazonian people and their quest for freedom.  All Frontline Movements, Humanitarian Agencies and Activists at home and abroad will get equal benefits from the treasury.  All funded activities will be thoroughly audited before new funds are dispatched to beneficiaries.

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The Ambazonian Coin Crowdsales will be launched on the 30th of December 2018.  Pre-Sales are for bulk buyers only at $0.25 per AMBA.

AMBA BOND like never before now you can show proof of patriotism

For every AmbaCoin you secure, an electronic bond certificate will be generated.  For new holders, our experts will create  an Ethereum wallet and send you the paper version for safe keeping.